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Teignmouth United Reformed Church Community News – March 2020

March 2020

Dear friends,
As we come to the period of Lent, what does it mean to you? Do you think of the Friday soup lunches for charity, or of fasting and giving up things for Lent, such as chocolate, TV or social media? Or do you think of penance and putting ashes on your forehead at a special Ash Wednesday service? Maybe you think of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, or even carnivals and Mardi Gras, which happen on the 3 days before Ash Wednesday?

Perhaps you would be surprised to know that actually Lent does not appear in the Bible! In fact it was introduced in the 4th Century at the Council of Nicea, although there is evidence that some form of period of preparation for Easter lasting 2 or 3 days existed during the lifetime of Irenaeus in the 2nd Century. It appears that the reason for it becoming 40 days is linked to Jesus spending 40 days in the wilderness. 

Among evangelicals Lent has not normally been observed, probably because of the lack of a real Biblical basis for it. Perhaps they have tended towards the attitude of the Apostle Paul who despaired over the Galatians for their observance of special days, months, seasons and years! (See Galatians 4 v 10-11) He feared that they have fallen back into trying to please God by keeping the law rather than by believing in Jesus. 

Therefore whether you chose to do anything special for Lent or not, let’s remember that the most important aspects of our Christian faith are to love God and love one another, as Jesus says. Keeping these commands is something we should do whatever the season is!

God bless and be with you! Charlie & Bev

'Waiting on God'

 ‘Waiting on God’, With Greg Plunkett our Canadian missionary friend to Kenya. Meeting is on Sunday
1st March at 6.30pm. 

God says through Isaiah the prophet, ‘Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.   See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up, do you not perceive it?’ (Isaiah 43:18-19). And later in Revelation, ‘he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.”


‘Waiting on God’ – our next monthly Sunday evening meeting will be on 1st March at 6.30pm when Greg Plunkett our Canadian missionary friend to Kenya will be with us.

Small groups: Most meet in people’s homes, with one meeting in the church foyer at 2.30pm on Thursday afternoons. The groups study Bible topics, support one another, and pray together. If you are interested in knowing more or joining a group please see Bev or Charlie. 

Bright Stars: Our Wednesday morning Play & Stay Toddler Group – 10-11.30am during term time only.

‘Hearts & Craft’ group: 2.30pm on Tuesdays 10th and 24th March in the foyer. Come and meet with others over a cuppa. All are welcome – whatever your creative abilities! 

Lyn Renouf and ‘cake fest’.   Lyn has written to give huge thanks to everyone who supported the fundraising cake sale for my trek to Nepal.  “I was overwhelmed by everyone’s participation and generosity, a tremendous £145 was raised to support the work of Hospiscare.   Many thanks to all!”


Teignmouth U3A: next meeting on March 3rd in Church – topic:   “Myth Busting” on sight impairment, by Cathy Duffey.   Please contact David Leyland about U3A, on 07815721753   Start time:  2.00 pm.


Church AGM:  March 24th at 7.30.   Usual AGM reports and elections.   There are two vacancies for Elders – nominations are invited from full Church Members and nomination forms are in the Foyer.   There is no time limit for Elders to serve. (Only Members can be elected to serve as Elders and only Members can vote but we do welcome other members of the church family to attend and express their views on church matters).

*  Please prepare any reports early and give to John to copy.


Following the AGM, John will outline some of the issues facing the church in the future, together with financial implications.   


To be clear: all people who attend church and consider themselves to be part of our church family will be most welcome for this meeting, even though, by custom and practice, the ‘formal’ voting and elections remain the responsibility of full Church Members.



Ecumenical Lent Bible Study Course – Running over 5 weeks commencing on Wednesday 4th March, with a choice of afternoon and evening sessions. The afternoon sessions take place at 2pm at Bishopsteignton Methodist Church. The first evening session will be at 7.30pm at OLSP Catholic Church, with remaining evening sessions at Teignmouth URC. We will be using the ‘Exploring Spiritual Practices’ course from the Methodist church, which can be downloaded for free from The Methodist Church website


Click here for more information

Lent Bible Study

4th March 2020
2:00pm Bishopsteignton Methodist Church
7:30pm Our Lady & St Patrick’s Catholic Church (only for the first sessions)
11th March 2020
2:00pm Bishopsteignton Methodist Church
7:30pm Teignmouth United Reformed Church (remaining sessions)
18th March 2020
2:00pm Bishopsteignton Methodist Church
7:30pm Teignmouth United Reformed Church
25th March 2020
2:00pm Bishopsteignton Methodist Church
7:30pm Teignmouth United Reformed Church
1st April 2020
2:00pm Bishopsteignton Methodist Church
7:30pm Teignmouth United Reformed Church

Thursday evening activity time for children and families:

The Church is open on alternate Thursday evenings from 6.30 to 8.00 for this activity session.   We play physical sports, such as badminton and table tennis, but some of us enjoy Scrabble, chess or cribbage.   It’s for everybody, please come!

Social Committee Events

Film with fish and chips.  Sat. 14th March.  Supper 6.30 and film ‘Yentl’ (PG) at 7.00.  Food: ‘Finn McCool’s. Total Cost: £6 (£5 for fish and chips and £1 for sauces, bread & butter etc).

Please sign up for pre-ordering of food – form in Foyer.


Bev’s Nosh Night and Quiz. This evening produced a profit of £105.00,  donated to The New Life Trust. Bev thanks all those who supported.   A great evening – many thanks Bev and Ron.



Programme for March 2020

Services: (Sunday morning services start at 10.30)

1st March 2020: Speaker Bev & Charlie

Open: Phil 

Music: Chris

Sound: John

Coffee: Bev & Linda


 1st March 2020 6:30 ‘Waiting on God’



8th March 2020: Speaker Jan Ravens

Open: John

Music: John 

Sound: Ann

Coffee: Lyn & Jan


15th March 2020: Speaker Bev & Charlie

Open: Ron

Music: Thelma

Sound: Pete

Coffee: Faith & Lois

Communion: Chris & Phil


22nd March 2020 speaker: John Smith

Open: Louie

Music: Chris

Sound: Thelma

Coffee: Ann & Eileen


29th March 2020 speaker: Bev & Charlie

Open: John

Music: Ann

Sound: Yannik

Coffee: Jan & Thelma


The Smugglers Inn

A great time was had by all when over 40 people gathered for a Fellowship meal at The Smugglers Inn on Wednesday 20th November 


Boat trip on the River Teign

We had a boat trip on the River Teign on Saturday the 3rd. of August on the ‘Restless’. Leaving Teignmouth we made our way to Anstey’s Cove before returning back to the Teign. The journey out was a bit rocky but we all had a great time. On the way we saw various wildlife. 


NOTE: The next Newsletter is due to be available on the 29th of March. Please put any information for that Newsletter into the diary, by Sunday the 22nd of March. Thank you!